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Experiential Learning
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The Einstein Academy teachers believe that hands-on experiences help students to retain what they learn and see how it applies to the world around them.


Big Trips

Every other year, our students in grades 4 through 12 have the opportunity to attend a hands-on enriching program around the globe with their teachers and peers.


United Kingdom

Students travel to the United Kingdom to take an incredible tour of London, Cambridge, Stonehenge, Oxford and more while learning about this modern Monarchy.


Rome & Greece

Students travel to Europe to see the foundations of modern democracy and receive an experience that help to bring history books to life. This trip is a wonderful extension of our Latin courses.

Camp Timberlee

Team building and outdoor education

Tyler Creek

Our school is part of the Friends of the Fox conservation program where we monitor the water in the Fox River and its impact throughout the Fox Valley.



All-school team building program

Disney Youth Educational Program

Students travel to DIsney World for special STEM behind the scenes tour and classes. Students are able to enter the park before regular hours for a unique and memorable experience.



Students spend a school week snorkeling and exploring marine biology in the Florida Keys.

Costa Rica

Students travel to Central America for an in depth exploration of the Rainforest.

White Pines

Dude Ranch themed outdoor education.


Stronghold - Castle

Team building and outdoor education

Field Trips



Various trips to: Field Museum, Art Institute, Museum of Science and Industry, National Hellenic Museum, Holocaust Museum


Manufacturing Day

Each year, students in grades 7-12 visit a local company to learn how various career pathways work together to create a final product.

Shakespeare Theater

Students in grades 6 through 12 study Shakespearean plays and, as often as possible, travel to see a performance of the play they studied.


Max McGraw Conservation Area

This conservation/ outdoor education experience allows students to experience ecology in the outdoors.

Brookfield Zoo

Students in all grades are broken into teams who explore the zoo learning about the Latin names of the animals and how we can use that information to understand the animals and their behavior. This is a great opportunity for older students to show leadership and for younger students to be inspired by students in the upper grades!


And more!

The Einstein Academy teachers always look for new and interesting field trips that will support what their students are learning in the classroom.


How To Register Your Child for The Einstein Academy

If you would like to have your child considered for admission to The Einstein Academy for the current or upcoming school year, you can apply online.

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Due to our rolling admissions process, we accept applications throughout the year. A non-refundable fee of $50 (or $100 for International) must accompany the application, payable to The Einstein Academy


Each applicant is required to schedule a class visit as part of the admissions process.


To be considered for acceptance by The Einstein Academy the following must be provided by the applicant:

  1. Copy of birth certificate
  2. Copy of report cards or assessment reports
  3. Teacher’s recommendation form
  4. Copy of results from any standardized test taken in the past three years

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